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Titel / Title Reawakening Pride Once Lost 
Label Midhir Records 
Total run time
59:53 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The band from Northern Ireland offers with „Reawakening Pride Once Lost“ a re-release of its first album on which you can easily hear the Irish roots. Due to the composition full of folk elements you feel like being in the Ireland of the Middle Ages. That is also caused by the typical Irish instruments the quintet uses.

You have to get used to the a bit unmelodic opener with flute sounds, which is followed by some really good songs. “With Veins Afire” is with metal elements, “Emain Macha” offers nice growls and might possibly please the bangers more than the medieval fans. Mystic and dreamy is the number “Gaelic Dawn”. Highlights of this album are the songs “Once Upon An Era” and “King Of The Fairies”, which are hard and with some beautiful riffs. In the latter especially the combination of flute and classic heavy metal sounds is perfect.

Although the singing sounds at some parts a bit unusual, the music leaves no wishes open. The band, which has existed since 1993, knows how to play their instruments and that is why the overall impression of this record is positive.

Sandra Eichhorn

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