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Skinny Puppy

Titel / Title Mythmaker 
Label SPV 
Total run time
49:01 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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It is a known fact that Skinny Puppy’s music is not easily to experience and to describe. Surely the new album of the industrial veterans is not made to be played in the background. “Mythmaker” needs the listener’s full attention.

And even then it is hard to not run away from the often disharmonic sounds. “daL” begins with that kind of singing we know from rap music and also after this intro the song does not really become a hit. “haZe” is full of gothic elements and reminds one of Soko Friedhof, but with English lyrics. Also “jaHer” is melodic and melancholic and due to the nice melody the title is one of the highlights of this record. “pedafly” is then the dancefloor hit for the clubs as well as the techno track “politikiL”. The final song “ugLi” keeps what it promises. Only hardcore industrial-/prog-fans will we able to handle this song.

All in all is “Mythmaker” more the record for extreme techno- and industrial-fans. Those who do not belong to them will hardly be able to enter the world of Skinny Puppy.

Sandra Eichhorn

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