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Killed By 9V Batteries

Titel / Title Killed By 9V Batteries 
Label Siluh Records 
Total run time
53:38 min 
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From the Austrian province this debut album came over to us and what we get here is really good stuff. It is not easy, however, to put the music of the trio into one genre – the guys are changing to much between noise, Indie and pop.

But exactly this innovative style makes this record very audible and interesting. The opener “Style Me Up While Everything Explodes” is catchy and gives you a good mood. “A New Border To Run Along” begins with guitar sounds, which lay somewhere between Placebo and The White Stripes.

“Cherish Some Spoken Words But Record Our Laughing” is a bit faster and harder, “Extra Extended Expression” is the ultimate songs which you’ll have in your minds for the rest of the day. The last of the 13 tracks, “Deathmatch Media” is finally the negative spot on this all in all very good album, because the song is too slow and boring.

Killed By 9V Batteries are able to make their music sound authentic and new, and even the feedback of the guitars sounds as if it has to be there. The band shows that their music is not stolen from twenty other bands, but that it’s fresh and unused.

Sandra Eichhorn

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