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69 Eyes, The

Titel / Title Angels 
Label Virgin/EMI 

Total run time
43:56 min 
Vö/Release5 March 2007 
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“Angels” is the logic follow-up to their “Devils” album, but these creatures come here in black leather and wings of steel. I am not sure, but is the title track even using a variation of the “Devils” riff?
Yet for me it is the second track “Never Say Die” which is characteristic for the whole album: Somehow updated, fresher but still distinctively The 69 Eyes. Well, the team Hiili Hiilesmaa and Johnny Lee Michaels are again responsible for the production.
And to say it right away, most of the material can be labelled “extremely catchy tunes”. Just listen to “Perfect Skin” (well-known alredy because of the single), “Rocker” - the lyrics are slightly over-the-top for my taste, though – or the sequel to the Mega-cities-series “Los Angeles”.
“Ghost” is a strange hybrid where singer Jyrki69 also tries something new and widens his repertoire – is it a ballad? A Musical song? There are heavy guitars although piano and keyboard add atmospheric sounds, and there is also a Cello – highly dramatical but still somehow inaccessible hearing it for the first time. Slow-tempo and more bombastic are also „In My Name“ and „Shadow Of Your Love“, but still in my opinion do not qualify for ballads either.
A surprise because there are indeed very soft sounds: the romantic melancholic ballad “Star Of Fate” with violins, choirs and a little Kitsch, and Jyrki´s dark sexy voice somehow reminds me of Johnny Cash. Great!
But my favorite, and hopefully it will be a hit soon so I can hear it in the media more often, is “Wings And Hearts”. Here the band´s trademarks culminate in a perfect way: dirty Rock´n´Roll, nasty guitar riffs combined with a melodic chorus. “Frankenhooker” finally wraps up the album, an uptempo track ideal for rocking, banging and singing along...

Conclusion: The 69 Eyes managed to continue their style and still offer some surprises, luckily no negative ones. Another “Goth´n´Roll” milestone!

Klaudia Weber

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