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Titel / Title Victory Songs 
Label Spinefarm Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release14. Mar 2007 
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Actually I felt tempted to deliver the shortest review in STALKER history: Great! Buy it!
But at least I should explain why ...

Well, first, Ensiferum is one of the VERY few bands you can just go and buy the album without checking it beforehand. You will know what to expect: An exciting mixture of folklore tunes, folklore instruments, Heavy Metal riffs, uptempo to Speed drumming and mostly growled but also heroic choire vocals that are so catchy you feel immediately like singing (and dancing) along.

This is exactly what the band´s long awaited third studio album is about, pure Pagan Viking Metal! Markus Toivonen, mastermind and only remaining founding member of the band, and his men/woman offer this time a little bit more melancholy, especially in the opening track “Ad Victoriam” and the epic, dramatical conclusion “Victory Song” which is partly sung in Finnish. With “Wanderer” the band created a great headbanger hymn, and songs like “Raised By The Sword” or “Blood Is The Price Of Glory” awake illusions of sitting in Meduseld with the Riders of Rohan, celebrating the victory at Helm´s Deep...

I really cannot say if this is the best Ensiferum album ever, this is up to the band´s die hard fans to decide. But one thing is sure, unpack your helmets and drinking horns.... and finally I can say it:

Great! Buy it!

Klaudia Weber

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