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Titel / Title The Back Of Beyond 
Label Spinefarm Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release28 Mar 2007 
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Collarbone started their career by winning a Finish „Battle Of The Bands“ contest and are now releasing their debut album “The Back Of Beyond”. Behind the album are some big names for example Jonas Olsson, who amongst others has worked with Disco Ensemble, was responsible for the production, and the album was even mastered in New York by Ue Nastasi, who amongst others put the finishing touches to albums from Killswitch Engage, Panic! At The Disco and Type O Negative. And this American influence is what you can really hear on the album, thus it is not surprising that the first single “The Last Call” is already played on the Finnish radio. The Album itself starts with a little more metallic sounds but drifts quickly off to more radiofriendly, metal-tinged territory, which can mostly be attributed to the singer’s voice that is partly just a little too “nice”. Nevertheless a great debut album with catchy melodies but also sufficient metal moments. Fans of Disco Ensemble should have a listen.

Kathleen Gransalke

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