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Hanging Garden

Titel / Title Inherit The Eden 
Label Spikefarm Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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The fact that Hanging Garden´s line-up consists of 3/5 of ShamRain`s (guitarist Mikko Kolari, drummer Janne Jukarainen and bassist Matti Reinola) obviously makes it sure to have an influence on Hanging Garden`s atmospheric sound, melancholic mood and overall “doomy” impression. Often while listening to ShamRain I wondered what a good base for a decent doom act that band could have been, and “voila”, my wish came true and I gladly put “Inherit The Eden” into my night-time playlist.

Also, the fact that the newcomer band`s debut is being released under Spikefarm is a promising sign, so a good level of quality was already expected.

Enough said about ShamRain and now concentrating on this new band`s record, I find myself waiting for it to get heavier or somehow change and finally “introduce themselves”, make a statement, but this moment is not obvious, if it`s there at all. On one hand, the growling fits in nicely into those dreamy atmospheric melodies, along the heavier riffs, but to make a stronger contrast, this singing perhaps should`ve been deeper and rougher. I am still unconvinced if this is a new band or a heavier re-mix of some of ShamRain´s tracks. For the latter it is very good, but for originality it is definitely missing something.

The bottom-line is that this record is worth having; from the first seconds you can sense which country it comes from and this sets the mood beautifully. So among your CDs of Anathema, Draconian, some My Dying Bride and Doom:VS, make sure also to spare some space for the Hanging Garden. I won`t be surprised to soon find “Inherit The Eden” in the new age shops in the meditation/relaxation section, or even better, in the “Finnish sounds of nature”, to my mind that`s exactly what Hanging Garden represents.

Marina Sidyakina

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