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Titel / Title Ur Jordens Djup 
Label Spikefarm Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release28 Mar 2007 
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Hooray, Finntroll are back, better, louder, more beautiful... well, alright, forget about the more beautiful, but the Finns show again where they hide their Trollhammaren. This band is definitely one of those you can just go and buy, without regrets, and the new album “Ur Jordens Djup” (From The Depths Of The Earth) is no exception of this rule. Despite the change at the microphone the quality could be maintained, if not enhanced, because Vreth indeed has a mean voice that lives up to Wilska´s and Katla´s.

Basically Finntroll sound a bit darker here, more inspired by Danny Elfman, more bombastic, a lot of variation and drama, but still with a wicked troll hidden somewhere in the undergrowth and up to (musical) hoaxes. There are those real evil troll choirs and quotations from classical or Klezmer music, and do I really hear Latin rhythms in “En Mäktig Här”??? The speed is slowed down, too, which doesn´t harm the songwriting, on the contrary. A great production by Trollhorn and Tundra, and you will find everything from epic-grooving anthems like “Gryning” to Dimmu-nic bombast and speed-attacks, and also Humppa-Fans can have their share (“Korpens Saga”).

Another tip – wait to hear the hidden track, and you get an impression what happened during the recording in Sonic Pump Studio. But there is a little thing that leads to a minimal deduction of points – the cover. To me it looks much more like the invitation to a Viking funeral. I just hope that there is indeed this lengthy booklet with Skrymer´s artwork (not included in my copy). Go and get it!

Klaudia Weber

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