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Titel / Title The Traitors  
Label STF Records  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 

"We are leading metal to the highlights!!!!" is the headline in the booklet of Privateer´s first album "The Traitors", a quite daring statement for a debut album. Yet, the Melodic Metal songs on "The Traitors" prove to be real ear candy. Singer Pudel reminds not only because of his curly hair but also because of his voice talent of Rhapsody´s Fabio Lione.

The music reminds of those Italian Power Metal band as well, for example because of those sinfonic / classic guitar and keyboard parts or those occasional female background vocals. Otherwise comparisons with Sonata Arctica or Hammerfall could be adequate, yet the band from Poland has their own style. However, the sound could be better, and some ideas still require development. In order to become a new Metal highlight the band still needs some work, but Privateer are on a good way.

Aziza Schwenke

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