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Somniae Status

Titel / Title Echoes 
Label Dragonheart/SPV 
Total run time
Vö/Release20. April 2007 
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Although the definition “Progressive Metal” rather scares me off, I gave it a try this case, and I was not disappointed! Somniae Status do not make the mistake of trying to “show off” and forgetting about their songs, or their listeners. This quintet from Italy received already a lot of praise for their debut album “Cassandra”, released four years ago. Extensive touring and a change at the microphone obviously postponed a follow-up...

Their material is basically classic Metal, mainly mid-tempo with riffing that sometimes reminds of Annihilator or even Megadeth (like “Bttw”, “On your skin”), where singer Ivan Rave also gets a bit rough. Yet there are those catchy tunes and choruses that partly even would fit pop songs, and this should not devaluate them... only the ballad “Useless” gets a bit too cheesy in my opinion. “Selling Souls”, my favourite track, however represents everything positive I just described... The guitarist pair Alex Danieli and Randy Mion definitely do a hell of a job here! Check it out!

Klaudia Weber

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