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Dimmu Borgir

Titel / Title In Sorte Diaboli 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Total run time
Vö/Release27. April 2007 
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With this band you have everything to the extreme, and so the new album is introduced with so much promotion and noise, the fallen angel himself must be shaken up. A promotional trip with numerous signing sessions and endless flow of interviews before the actual tour takes off, expensive limited edition-cds, new merchandise and everything else that comes along with such releases, very monumental and bombastic!

Basically all this together is a lot bigger than the actual record, the fans must be glad to see their idols alive and active, regardless of what they do. Honestly I don´t understand why so much ado…

True, the Dimmu had a lengthy break for a few years, but except for a very complex and twisted storyline (i.e. lyrics), the band has not come up with anything new, especially unusual or even original. So for the band´s devoted follower it´ll make a good addition to their already extensive collection, but for everyone else it would only be another cd to wipe the dust from.

From the entire album, I would highlight “The Chosen Legacy” as the only track I could listen to until the end. Also it would be better that you leave all your religious convictions behind before seriously going into listening to this album, otherwise it might become a little offensive; e.g. the fact that Satan on the front cover of the album is pictured as a female, although maybe it is not such a wrong interpretation after all. However, I´m guessing those who will buy the record must share Dimmu´s views in a first place, therefore wouldn´t be so bothered by the contents anyway and would actually enjoy the rather average sound of the already classic black metal band.

Marina Sidyakina

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