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Six Feet Under

Titel / Title Commandment 
Label Metal Blade 
Total run time
Vö/Release23. 04. 2007 
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First of all, Chris Barnes & Co focus with „Commandment“ on those qualities that made Six Feet Under famous: Incredible low growls, Death/Grind Metal with a good groove, mainly mid tempo but also with occasional blast beats, and this particular positive and buoyant attitude expressed in Barnes´ lyrics and song titles ...

The eighth studio album of those DM veterans was recorded in Morrisound Studio, Florida, and Criteria The Hit Factory Miami, where growling master Chris Barnes was assisted by guitarist Steve Swanson, bass-legend Terry Butler (Death, Massacre) and Drummer Greg Gall. This time it is the topic of “Commandments” to inspire ten songs, yet not quite the Ten Commandments. Once again the songs deal with the darker side of human existence and behaviour and turn out to be real DM candy to growl along immediately, for example “The Edge Of The Hatchet”, “As The Blade Turns” or “Bled To Death”. The only bad thing about this CD is the waaaay-too-short playing time!

Klaudia Weber

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