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Before The Dawn

Titel / Title Deadlight 
Label Stay Heavy Records 
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Before The Dawn from Lahti have been existing since 1999, as solo project of Tuomas Saukkonen, but just recently they attracted my attention. Perhaps because BTD is again, after three CDs and many Line-Up changes, Tuomas´ solo project, with session/live musicians (e. g. guitarist Juha Räihä, drummer Dani Miettinen). Perhaps because their style is not that uncommon in the Land of Thousand Lakes, which is Melodic Death Metal plus Goth elements. The latter were more prominent on the previous album “The Ghost”. And there you could already find the dialogue of a clear heroic tenor(Lars Eikind, also bass player) and a growling voice (Tuomas), which is also nothing really new.

Yet Before The Dawn succeeded to create a perfect mixture of all those ingredients that make “Deadlight” an outstanding album! The voices are sometimes a dialogue but mainly combined to surprising, distinctive harmonies; powerful sinister riffs, uptempo to Speed Metal, sometimes slowed down to Doom... The opening with “Wrath” is rough indeed, but featuring chorus hymns, and that also characterizes “Morning Sun”. Katja Vauhkonen sings on “Star Of Fire” and “Reign Of Fire”, plus this spoonful of Pop it gets BTD closer to Goth classics played by Tristania or Sins Of Thy Beloved.

The best song on this album that still gives me the goosebumps is “Deadsong” - it starts like a ballad and builds up to a brilliant Metal hymn, great ear candy with huge hit potential!

Single “Deadsong”
Playing time: 11:09
No wonder also a single version of this track was released, and it can be recommended because of those two additional songs that do not appear on the album
“The Bitter End”, a Placebo-Cover, and
“Gehenna”, updated and re-recorded from the self-titled MCD released in 2001.

Klaudia Weber

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