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Type O Negative

Titel / Title Dead Again 
Label Steamhammer/SPV 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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After four years of silence Type O Negative managed again to fulfil expectations as well as to offer several surprises.

As expected, the riffs are sinister, full of doom and melancholy, the lyrics deal with, of course, darker aspects of human life – and yet, even the opener “Dead Again” surprises with up-tempo and a certain recklessness that usually you only hear from newcomer bands. No radio plays, no feedbacks lasting minutes, the band rocks again (“Tripping A Blind Man”). But there is plenty of melody, too, just check out this bombastic ear candy “September Sun”. “The Profits Of Doom” show again that no-one else but Peter Steele is capable of delivering depressive and cynical lyrics in such extremely-dry manner. When he screams out “good bye cruel world” your heart simply jumps up!

There is also irony in the music, for example the Beatles-citation in the epic “These Three Things”; and a guest – Tara Vanflower from the Darkwave-Band Lycia – appears on “Halloween In Heaven”. I simply don´t know why the legendary russian monk Rasputin is on the cover, but musically there seems to be a reference: “She Burned Me Down” offers military marching-band sounds and vocals in national anthem style. Well??? Type O have always had a lot of fun with confusing their audience a bit. And they cannot really make it without sampling: the conclusion “Hail And Farewell To Britain” features an acoustic world war.

Well, in my opinion there is finally a follow-up for “Bloody Kisses”, simply every single song is a hit! A future classic that everybody should have in the CD collection!

But: Is it really necessary to have a computer voice telling you “this is property of Type O Negative” very 50 seconds (!!!) during the whole album (!!!)??? Every journalist must go crazy after only three songs...

Klaudia Weber

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