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Titel / Title United Abominations 
Label Roadrunner 
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Acoustic guitar, a bit of orchestra background – but then, “Sleepwalker” takes off as a Megadeth-typical up-tempo thrash anthem, and “No-one is safe!” from remembering those chorus lines... Another track attacking your neck muscles is “Washington Is Next!” - and no, I know what you might be thinking, but Dave´s favorite topic here rather borrows from the bible to sketch an apocalyptic future scenario. More mid-tempo are the real heavy “Gears Of War”, “Blessed Are The Dead” and the finale “Burnt Ice”. Last but not least the new version of “A Tout Le Monde” featuring Christina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), a track that definitely will be on heavy rotation in many Metal bars!

This album strongly reminds of Megadeth´s old “So Far So Good So What” days, which means that every single track is a hit, there is no weak moment, a CD that could be running in your player day in day out without becoming stale. A good mixture of aggression and filigree guitar work, powerful catchy riffs in the style of “Symphony Of Destruction” and slightly distorted Thrash-harmonies, plus Dave´s snotty vocals – and of course his controversial lyrics. Especially the title track with some radio-play features, which deals with Dave´s critical view towards the United Nations, but also “Amerikhastan” or the text on the booklet backpage will surely spur heated discussions among European Metal fans (“Is this irony?” “Is he serious about that?”) But still, in a democratic country there should be freedom of speech, and honestly, don´t we all love Mega-Dave just because he recklessly, with his provocative smirk, puts his foot in it, with real heavy “boots that are made for walking”?

Congenial partners-in-crime are this time Glen Drover (git), James Lomenzo (b) and Shawn Drover (dr), and the quality of this output just leaves us hoping that they will be part of a future Megadeth line-up.

STOP! Did I say that there is no weak point? There is, the cover and booklet artwork by J. Lorenzi, just the colouring hurts the eye... and this new Vic version – OH NO!! - sorry, therefore

Klaudia Weber

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