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After last year`s releases „Blood Sample” and “Early Years” there`s another new Waltari album in 2007 called “Release Date”. In 70 minutes playing time there are 8 songs including the 5-part opus “Cityshamaani”. The album, however, starts with two rather radio-friendly songs and thus album opener “Get Stamped” is already heavily-played by Finnish radio stations. The fondly titled “Let`s puke together” then rather kicks some serious ass before, with “Cityshamaani”, the guys around Kärtsy Hatakka finally live up to their reputation as “crazy Metal Rockers”. Five independent songs are combined to one work of art und almost all genres/ sounds are incorporated; there`s a Faith No More-sounding piece, then they cross over to Techno Metal and eventually conclude their creation with a proper 13-minute long, epic ballad. The whole album is closed with another rather radio-friendly song and thus the circle is complete. All in all there`s a lot on offer and whenever you think that the guys sound maybe a bit too radio-friendly then they come up with a totally weird sound. That`s Waltari!

Kathleen Gransalke

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