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Moonlight Agony

Titel / Title Silent Waters 
Label Dockyard 1 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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“Silent Waters” are far from a Swedish Power Metal band, with a very beautiful and promising name. Of course all the obvious Power-Metal jokes and comparisons to classics of the genre artists are hanging on the tips of my fingers but I resist. On the whole would say that if given a chance, this band and this album in particular can be an ok addition to your collection. At least the lyrics are believable, no fantasy fights or excessive personal drama, just regular and comprehensive daily life, everything is so peaceful and normal, even sad a little bit...

There is definitely some potential in this act, so listen carefully and maybe start from the end. “Solemn Waters” is an intriguing track with an effective incorporation of a female vocalist, only if her voice would´ve been somewhat softer and gentler, it would´ve made the song more sensual. The whole album seems to put most emphasis on the drums, then the vocals and only then everything else, this saves them from the obvious comparisons to other bands in the genre, who concentrate on their guitars, dragons and tight leather. However, I would still like to hear more diversity on the vocals and some slower arrangements, or at least a few slower parts of their mostly quite speedy songs.
Nice art-work, quite a simple logo and no complications or twists whatsoever. Those Swedes seem to be quite satisfied with what they done and don´t overstretch themselves to top the skies. On those terms, I find them decent and unlike some other Power Metal enthusiasts not so annoying, so I am willing to give the Moonlight Agony a chance.

Marina Sidyakina, transl: K. Weber

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