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Titel / Title Worlds Collide 
Label Aphotic Records 

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This new project features Swedish musicians who gained some reputation with other bands: Benny Hagglund has drummed for Fission and Vintersorg already, for the latter played also Matthias Marklund (git) and Johan Lindgren (b), only Andreas Stenlund seems to be introduced for the first time as vocalist and guitarist on the TME debut.

And he definitely does his job well! He growls and screeches like hell, the brutal sound and groove reminds of early Benediction, and the Swedes have also not forgotten melodies: “Mankind´s Last Cleansing”, “Away From Decay” and “TME” are examples for this good mix of Old School Death Metal, blast beats, Melodic Death – or like this fuzzy definition of “Gothenburg sound” - a good amount of Thrash and a touch of Black Metal, especially concerning Andreas´vocal style. Sometimes the song structures appear a bit too for me, and the playing time is a bit short, but still: Death and Thrash fans can give it a try!

Brand new is also the TME label Aphotic Records, a two-person company in Washington State, USA, who have run for seven years the “Horror Rock” label “Blood and Guts Records”. Let´s see what other good stuff they have in the future!

Klaudia Weber

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