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Dawn Of Solace

Titel / Title The Darkness 
Label Locomotive Music 
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Well, "Rome wasn´t built in a day", and I had to correct the date on this review 3 times, but now it seems that in September it FINALLY works out ...

This album was recorded already in 2006, but there were various difficulties that delayed the release, while the follow-up CD with guests like Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell) and Ville Sorvali (Moonsorrow) is already in the process of preparation.

Before The Dawn mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen (see also our STALKER interview) presents here his other project with an almost identical line-up: Lars Eikind (clean vocals), Juho Räihä (drums, guitars, bass) plus Aleksanteri Kuosa (acoustic and lead guitars, keyboards, vocals) and Jukka Salovaara (guitar and vocals). And basically I find Tuomas` definition of DOS being the “darker twin” of BTD quite suitable.

A very atmospheric and mysterious beginning, which continues with the acoustic intro of “Wings Of Darkness Attached On The Children Of The Light”, but then – slow powerful riffs, Tuomas´ growls balanced with Lars´ delicate voice, and everything so fucking melodious... Metal with a touch of Doom, powerful and persuasive, mixed with melancholic acoustic parts, the right recipe for ear candy: “I Was Never There” or the Metal hymn “Dead Air”.

Dawn Of Solace sounds calmer and dreamier than Before The Dawn, more melancholic, and in order to avoid the term “Gothic” - because I don´t want to end up six feet under Tuomas´ next gardening project :) - I need the aid of J. R. R. Tolkien: He invented the term “eucatastrophe” which is totally different to a “happy ending”, it describes a tragedy with a sudden positive twist, so that you end up smiling, but still with tears in your eyes. This is exactly what Dawn Of Solace and “The Darkness” are about...

Klaudia Weber

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