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Job For A Cowboy

Titel / Title Genesis 
Label Metal Blade 
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They could be a Black Metal band, because their logo is practically illegible... and as you might expect already, those USAmericans from Phoenix offer a sound bombardment for your ears. But in this case it´s Old School Death Metal, plus a portion of Grind and some Thrash. Somehow it reminds me of Cannibal Corpse (that aggression, those vocals), yet the cowboys have a more epic style. The tracks “Upheaval” and “Blasphemy” are atmospheric sound portraits that might fit well into a horror film, the same is true for “The Divine Falsehood”, sinister-gloomy with a weird keyboard in the background and hypnotic vocals. In my opinion this could be the trademark of this band, their expanding of genre borders and their mix of blast beats with Doom and groove (e. g. “Coalescing Prophecy”). And they could have done that more often, I find the second half of this CD much more interesting, like “Horror movie soundtrack”... but for Death Metal fans it is definitely a must.

Klaudia Weber

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