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Slowmotion Apocalypse

Titel / Title Obsidian 
Label Scarlet 
Total run time
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Hearing of Metal from Italy, I bet most of you think of sword-and-dragon guitar heroes, yet that has nothing to do with Slowmotion Apocalypse. That band was founded in 2002 by Alberto Zannier (voc), Ivan Odorico (git), Nicolas Milanese (git), Ivo Boscariol (b) und Tommy Corte (dr) and can described best with two words: Metal Core. Somehow those 10 highly aggressive Tracks make me think of Soilwork, and indeed there is something from the North: Guest singer Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates). And as guest musicians are hip that season, also Gianluca Perotti (Extrema) and Claudio Ravinale (Disarmonia Mundi) added their voice talent. Those Italians give full power practically for the whole length of the CD, and this is what I considered a bit too much. Only the intro of “Portrait Of A Lie” gives the listener a break, and “Burial” with some more midtempo groove seems cosy in comparison. Something to work off steam!

Klaudia Weber

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