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Titel / Title Chef d’Oeuvre: A Reflection on the Status of Art in an Age of cultural Decline 
Label FinestNoise 
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This debut of the experimental noise rock band Inborn "The Headtrance Session" had shown already that they have found their own sound in the musical cosmos. The new album seems therefore surprisingly catchy and compact. The playing time had been reduced and the focus was shifted to straight songwriting. Still the audience has something to work on. Those difficult lyrics also do not reveal too much of Inborn. The long album title “Chef d’Oeuvre: A Reflection on the Status of Art in an Age of cultural Decline” suggests that those guys have difficulties in pinning down their thoughts, but that should not really be a problem.

Musically it is both genius and madness, the sound far from being conventional and always so cool that you have to get used to it. Now you just have to wait for a quite original and not too stiff Inborn live presentation!

1. Zeitgeist Orchestra
2. Rythum Controls The Artistic Pulse
3. Tragedy Of Breathing
4. Sibyl Vane`s Monochromatic Design
5. Alpha State Selector
6. Your Punk Is Dead
7. Sphere
8. Optical Distraction
9. Titus Andronicus

Marc Hoek

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