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Titel / Title Should I tell you? 
Label Exogenic Music Group 
Total run time
Vö/ReleaseJune 2007 
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Crumbland is another prove that in Finland even radio-compatible music sounds rather like Rock than Pop. Right after its release the national radio stations Yle X and Radio Extreme made "Should I tell you?" their Album Of The Week, and the single "In Your Head" remained on top of NRJ´s Top Ten for weeks. Well, Metalfans should perhaps keep their fingers off this album, although singer and guitarist Jontte Genberg, Antti Pylkkänen (b), Teemu Seppälä (git) and Pexi Parviainen (dr) indeed show that they can play really heavy, too: e.g. the hard rocking "Slide", my personal fave, or just the bass line of "Slipaway" has power... Crumbland are rather into Alternative Rock with ear-candy value and somehow remind me of Pearl Jam, yet Jontte does not sound like Eddie Vedder. Another suitable comparison might be Audioslave. Summing up: A great CD, perfect for chill-out in summer (e. b. "Down") - and perhaps it IS something for Metalheads: The perfect soundtrack for a nice evening with the girlfriend.

Klaudia Weber

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