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Splinter X

Titel / Title The Sound of Revelation 
Label Neosony/BMG 
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Calling your debut "The Sound of Revelation" is either an act of huge self-confidence or of self-assertion. With Splinter X, luckily the first is the case.

The inverted "N" in the band-logo hints towards Nine Inch Nails, but the "X" in the end is more important. X like in I AM X. The dark charm of Chris Corner's (Sneaker Pimps) solo-project is unmistakable. Add to that a pinch of Placebo, some Glam, a variable, seducing voice, a large dish of emotions and some Weltschmerz-lyrics, shake it, and the result are eleven songs, almost too good for a debut.

The German band creates catchy tunes like "Empty Space" with a lightness others would kill for. No matter if bitter melancholy ("Problematique"), pain of separation, wrapped in a The Doors-like atmosphere ("Sacrifice") or the outstanding anti-suicide plea "Extraordinary Sensibility", Splinter X are really a revelation. An incredibly good one, one should not miss.

Marie-Luise Führ

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