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Dimension F3H

Titel / Title Does The Pain Excite You? 
Label Dark Essence Records 
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I had never expected to enjoy something like Cyber Black Metal ... and actually, before this CD I had not even known that it exists. Well, the Norwegians Dimension F3H are no newcomers, this project was founded by Morfeus (Limbonic Art) in 2000, fist with Nesmoht (Arch Nemesis) on vocals, who can also be heard on the 2003 debut. After that many things went wrong, Morfeus took over the micro job and found Motvind (git), Mr. Moe (b) und Arghamon (dr) for the new line-up. The result, a wild mix of Old School Black Metal, that means growls and blast beats, melodies, Industrial, loops, some classic, folk and disco groove – plus an excellent production – thumbs up!

the second opinion:
It´s scary how wrong things can go wrong when otherwise talented people decide to ”do something different”. After Limbonic Art broke up Morfeus formed the oddly named Dimension F3H, in order to do something completely different from the Black Metal were used to connect him with. Although it´s still metal, it´s definitely different. In fact it´s quite a load of crap!
The bands second album ”Does the Pain Excite You” presents quite uninteresting metal spiced up with wannabe industrial effects and strange symphonic synthesisers with stupid lyrics and hardly tolerable singing. It all becomes more of a joke and you just wish it was over soon. The only better parts are strangely enough the ones with no metal elements, so maybe Morfeus should have stuck to his original plan to keep his solo project non-metal.
Luckily Limbonic Art are back together, so hopefully this will be the last we hear from Dimension F3H. SI, 3

the average is

Klaudia Weber, Sami Iivonen

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