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Desert Sun

Titel / Title Come Down 
Label Decibell-Records/Radar 
Total run time
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Desert Sun, the name already sounds like that – and indeed, the four Germans are devoted to Stoner Rock. Thanksgod, they don´t drift off in psychedelic trips or extended feedback origies, but they write real songs. And good ones, too. A bit of Ethno, sounds of a Sitar mix with straight forward Rock – that means, this band rather fits into the category of Scandinavian Stoner Metal (The Quill, Spiritual Beggars) than to their US ancestors. Grooving songs („You Lose“) can be found besides hypnotic Tracks („Once“, „Uneasy“). I assume that not only Stoner fans will find this CD appealing. If there was less Ozzy-factor in the singer´s voice, I had given an even better rating...

Klaudia Weber

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