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Titel / Title The end is begun 
Label Metal Blade 
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Playing together since the mid-90’s the Prog Rockers from Three release now with “The End Is Begun” their already fifth studio album. When you listen to the record then the name of the also New York-based band Coheed & Cambria, who they are friends with, jumps at you immediately. Thus the sound reminds not only musically and lyrically but also vocally strongly of the band of singer Claudio Sanchez but is maybe still a little bit more progressive. This connection is no mere accident because Three singer Joey Eppard is the brother of former Coheed drummer Josh Eppard. “The End Is Begun” is therefore a well-done rock album for all those who can’t wait any longer for the new Coheed &Cambria album with all the technical finesse and elements that make up a good Prog album.

Kathleen Gransalke

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