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Titel / Title Ithyphallic 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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With "Ithyphallic" Nile easily manage to keep their reputation as one of the best Death Metal bands. Once again the fifth album is wrapped in a Egyptian theme, with the same complex technical but more easy-get-to arrangements, just like on the preceeding "Annihilation for the Wicked". Nile offers here a well-done mixture of uptempo songs like "Papyrus containing the spell to preserve its Possessor against Attacks from he who is in the water" (which will definitely become No. 1 in the "longest songtitle charts") and epic Doom like the opening song "What can be safely written". A must-have for all Death Metal fans, those who never heard of Nile should risk an ear on "As he creates so he destroys" to get convinced.

Marie-Luise Führ

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