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Disaster! Der Film

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Label e-m-s 
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83 min 
Vö/ReleaseDec 07 (rent), 14.02.2008 (sale)
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Perhaps you are familiar with MTV´s „Celebrity Death Match“? So you might get the idea what this is all about. Animated plasticine characters, celebrities, gory massacres and politically quite incorrect humour, this time in full feature film length, directd by Roy T. Wood. Concerning the plot and the majority of animated protagonists, it was „Armageddon“ that is targeted without respect, but Science Fiction fans will surely detect many more tongue-in-cheek references to other SF classics... in brief, an all-American hero, again, has to prevent the destruction of planet earth and the elimination of mankind, all by himself. Pretty much. This animated parody features e.g. the German voices of Bruce Willis (Manfred Lehmann) and Liv Tyler (Nana Spier) and also Mötley Crüe – their voices, their animated characters and their music. But this is all I want to give away here...
The DVD is available for rent since December, and until it´s on sale you can participate in a fart film competition or win an „anti-odor“ item; more on the movie´s homepage.

Klaudia Weber

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