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Titel / Title Journey of a Misanthrope 
Label Displeased Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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How could anybody be interested in something like this? You just can`t take money for that! “Journey of a misanthrope“ should be the most embarrassing you`ve ever seen. Not only that the music - if you could possibly labelunidentifiable, effect overloaded noise-mash as music - is very disappointing, the DVD already shocks you with an incredibly bad cover artwork and it only gets worse! So at least it shows consequence in this point. The menu navigation is kept simple and functional, you have the honor to watch and listen to 8 arguable masterpieces of this Tasmanian solo-bungler Sin Nanna, as well as a photo gallery and a discography. Going further and starting the first clip, you`ll get surprised by a lousy image quality. Zapping through the DVD you can`t stop asking yourself: what the hell is this supposed to be? Apparently this is the hopeless attempt to find fitting pictures to this music, the man behind the camera (I don`t want to call him a cameraman) is straying through some woods zooming in randomy on various plants, and from time to time you can find the wannabe bogey we already know from the cover hiding in the corner. All this is promoted as the very first real Black Metal DVD! In a whole this is on the edge to acoustic and visual criminal assault – in one word outrageous!

Katrin Dietl

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