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Titel / Title The ResErection 
Label Bitzcore 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht/already released 
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A documentary, live material, a photo gallery and lots more. On the first DVD, Turbonegro fans can expect a good documentary, which accompanies the band in all sorts of situations. Like the first get-together after some downtime and the first real rehearsal. Also included are some nice landscape shots of Norway, and the documentary has english subtitles. At the end there are a few out-takes, like a small pizza baking session. The photo gallery at the end of the first DVD is accompanied musically by Mambo Kurt! Very nice!
The second DVD has mostly live material, among others from the Bizarre Festival 2002, on which you can clearly see how much the band and the fans are enjoying themselves. This DVD is also fun, it could have been a bit longer.

Melanie Warnecke

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