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Seven years after leaving Nightwish, Tarja Turunen now releases her first solo live DVD. The label calls her “the brightest star of the Finnish rock scene” so I am very curious to see what she does today. The DVD is a mixture of two concerts, filmed in an opera house in the Argentinean city of Rosario. The old building with its high ceiling looks really great on the recordings and was actually chosen wisely.

The setlist contains Tarja`s own songs, some Nightwish classics and also some cover songs. The DVD itself begins with a really long intro, which shows backstage and fan footage. However, it is really too long and at least I´m getting really bored after a short time. When the show finally starts, the discrepancy between the good video quality and the just average sound quality becomes obvious. The music isn´t mixed very well and especially Tarja`s vocals, the heart of the show, sound really weak and thin.

All in all, the DVD fails to excite me. The band is not to blame for this, as they play great and spread a lot of energy. It is not the audience´s fault either, who is really enthusiastic and going wild. Actually, it is because of Tarja herself and her vocals, which are really tiring. Instead of focusing on her singing, it seems more important to her to change her clothes as often as possible. If she had set other priorities, the result might have become better...

Besides the live footage, there is also some bonus stuff on this DVD. But this was not part of the promo DVD, so I was not able to review it. But it is known that the Blu-Ray variant causes troubles when it is played on a Playstation 3.

Christina Päßler

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