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Titel / Title Finnish Black Metal documentary 
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55 + 21 min 
Vö/ReleaseFeb 2014 
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Although this documentary had been around since 2011, it took until now to have it released as DVD, under the wings of Night Visions, the popular Finnish Horror Film festival, which also featured this movie on screen for the first time (which also explains various horror film trailers to be found on this DVD in the bonus section ...)

The documentary, directed by Sami Kettunen, focuses on the history of Black Metal in Finland around the 90s, introduced via interviews with several of the major players back then - most of them are still around, partly still active with the same bands: Lord Satanachia (Azazel), Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance (Beherit), Narqath (Azaghal), Shatraug (Horna), Demonos Sova (Barathrum), Molestor Kadotus (Anal Blasphemy), Blackgoat Gravedesecrator (Goatmoon). Some might nowadays be more familiar in the context of other bands, like Spellgoth (Turmion Kätilöt).

As mentioned many times before, I am not a fan of this genre, and watching the DVD it became again clear to me why. First, this “purist sound” issue – how can people actually listen for hours to something like “vacuum cleaner plus washing machine in spin cycle plus malfunctioning espresso machine gargles, recorded with an ancient 80s tape recorder”? Next, this ideology, namely racism / fascism, especially when it´s deadpan serious business instead of taken with the wicked humour of a Mr. Sova ... Not to mention this Satanism thing …
What made me wonder was the absence of one iconic band – Impaled Nazarene – what a pity, as a Mr. Luttinen had definitely a lot to talk about, too...

A very interesting aspect develops in the final scenes – Black Metal is a men´s world which knows girls as groupies only. What could be interpreted as misogyny is actually a plain observation – or how many female BM musicians do you know? Well, Aeternus had a female bass / key player Morrigan … but that´s the only one that comes to my mind... (We´re talking about those “real” Black Metal bands, not those considered “pop” who do have a huge female fan base, perhaps due to their Vampirism-glorification, which do not count here).

As bonus video you can also watch the Sami Kettunen short documentary ”Romua, Ruisketta Ja Rutinaa” about the Finnish noise scene. Another music style I can probably not quite learn to love as a fan ...

Yet about both films I got to say – it was fun to watch. And this DVD is probably a must for fans of the genre, as you would hardly get any of those personal insights into the scene and major characters behind it from anywhere else. Therefore

Klaudia Weber

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