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Perishing Mankind | Stockholm Syndrom

Stadt / City Berg im Drautal 
Land / Country Österreich 
Datum / Date14. 04. 2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery StockholmS_2007 
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Austria, Berg/Drautal, Q-Bar, Perishing Mankind, Ars Moriendi, Stockholm Syndrom, these were the topics of that evening. Unfortunately we had to find out after arrival at Q-Bar, that Ars Moriendi had to cancel the show. And fans had to be patient, the concert started at 10 pm, but you had a chance to hang out with Stockholm Syndrom and Mankind-band members at the terrace or in the cosy bar.

Stockholm Syndrom, the young Death Metal band from Lienz, had a hard job to warm up the audience that seemed to prefer sitting at the bar. Singer Nermin had obviously wrought-up nerves and started singing among the people, using the whole bar as his stage. Finally he broke the ice, but still their own songs did not quite inspire the reserved crowd, therefore they played some covers (Six Feet Under and some Sepultura classics) that finally got the audience going.

Perishing Mankind took their instruments right afterwards and played a very guitar based Death Metal which I liked very much. Some of their songs are indeed ear-candy that just sticks in your mind... The female drummer, always focused and very emotional, the posing lead guitarist and the singer, who danced around during more melodic parts, really earned their cheers from the crowd. Only the bass player was in the background, yet due to the lack of space for those five musicians. The young band from Graz, being together for almost six years now, could indeed be proud of this performance.

All in all a very good small Metal event that introduced a band I plan to follow more thoroughly in the future.

Christian Girstmair

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