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Dying Fetus | Skinless | Cattle Decapitation | War From A Harlots Mouth

Stadt / City Millstatt 
Land / Country AUT 
Datum / Date12.05.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Bergwerk_2007 
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The idyllic peace of the Austrian holiday location Millstatt was disturbed by a Death Metal invasion with one band from Germany and three bands from the USA. Moreover, Dying Fetus presented their new album “War Of Attrition”.

The mine, the location of the event, was marked with a white flag saying “Welcome back Rah”. The reason: The Decapitation substitute bass player got lost the day before in Vienna, but luckily was found and transported to Millstatt.

Around 21:00 the Berlin band War from a Harlots Mouth began their set. Their groovy Grindcore mixture shook up the people and made them move. But no wonder if you see such an energetic band who used their 2 m2 stage to full extend.

Cattle Decapitation make a point in Gore universe with their lyrics, and they bombarded their audience in the quite full hall. The singer made some impression when occasionally he poured water on himself and spit the rest of it in the air. A good warm up band indeed.

Skinless from the USA had a warm welcome from the audience that got stacked in front of the stage. In such a literally hot club it was the gas mask of Keyser that was missing. Towards the end one from Harlots Mouth entered the stage to translate, a “Wall of Death” was announced, but the people did not really know what they were supposed to do. The singer explained “move like Zombies”, and so the fans did, mutating into Zombies, quite interesting :)

Dying Fetus were playing right afterwards without stage modification brought the audience to a boiling point. People were literally flying through the air, motivated by this high precision Death Metal. You just have to experience those growls and noises, and those ingenious riffs! A great 1,5 hour show, and after that Beasly chatted about Austrian mountains and his home country until the last fan, dripping with sweat, had left the venue.

An almost perfect Death Metal event with masses of ecstatic people; what kept it from reaching the point of perfection was the way too expensive merchandise and some problems with the sound.

Christian Girstmair, transl. K. Weber

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