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Metal Idiots: Blake | Ajattara | Barathrum | Black Temple | United Underworld

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country Finnland 

Datum / Date31.05.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery MetalIdiots_2007 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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If it was because of the name or the program, this time Gloria Club filled up nicely right from the start, and spirits were high, although the promoter´s expectations might not quite be fulfilled.

United Underworld have Ville Tuomi (Suburban Tribe), one of the best Finnish singers, as their frontman. And he acted wildly indeed, his Dredlocks flew constantly through the air. This is the most Crossover of his many projects, reminding of Faith No More but with the heavy tribal beats and riffs of Sepultura. Crossover also in their show that turned into a performance, when dancers in UV make up and reflecting costumes entered stage.

Black Temple is the band of promoter Tang (Rock Bar owner) who looks a bit like Chris Cornell back then with Soundgarden. Their sound is rather straight 80s Metal with a bit of Thrash. A promising newcomer trio that still has to work on their show.

Barathrum with their new drummer Agathon had in comparison too much happening on stage. If Ville Tuomi was a Dervish, Demonos Sova was a force of nature, the devil himself. And he could claim to be the star of this event as people shouted “Janne, Janne” way before the show started. And with the first chord the audience turned into a violent sea of raised arms and banging heads.

Explicable, because those Finnish Black Metal guys hardly ever play live, and their last CD dates back to 2005. Recently, though, they opened for Venom, and you have a chance to see them at a Tuska Afterparty.

Ajattara could have been the competition for Barathrum as headliners that night. A new drummer here, too, Malakias IV teamed up with ..... Ruoja alias Pasi Koskinen acted like an animal on stage, a microphone and a guitar soon gave in, therefore the band stopped their performance only after a handful of songs. Due to loud audience demand they came back, but only for one more song. What a pity.

Blake Sometimes it is difficult to be the headliner, this time suddenly half of the audience had evaporated. A pity, because this Blues-Metal band can indeed put new energy into tired bones. Singer Aaro Seppovaara has also a distinctive voice that would even make Glen Danzig envious. In summary, a great Metal Idiots event that hopefully will have a sequel.

Klaudia Weber

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