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Philiae | Syqem

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date29.06.2007  
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Philiae_2007 
Photos: Filip O. Misiak, Jennifer Blein 
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The hanseatic support-formation Syqem, an Emo-Boygroup that paints with sound waves with dreamy singer Daniel B. at the front of the stage, seemed from their outfit to be directly imported from their local rehearsal room. The rocking quintet was well equipped with brute and sharp-edged sounds, but also experimental idiosyncratic emotional curves in a craggy costume. They shoveled all familiar genres fat compressed into a thimble and riffed up and down that the guitars bent. The sleazy show didn´t appear staged at all, indeed totally dreamy with constantly changing moods, but completely pure and arousingly authentic. In addition to their blatant Monsterbreaks, the Drive that often reminded of Korn, A Perfect Circle and such kinds and their delay-intense romantic, the five „from next door“ only showed modest gestures. To get to the point: unpolished gemstone.

With striking large surface video-projections on 30 square meters screen Philiae initiated a multimedia-based fireworks and mercilessly bombed the hungry pack in front of the stage. With this the celebrated Post Industrial Rock-Knights of the evening did the starting shot to lead into a new band-era and in the same way their long time longed for revival with new album. Namely the brand-new concept album „Propaganda“ which, after an intensive, three years lasting time of producing and probably also suffering, dared to fall into the hands of an ardently faithful and blood brotherhood-like cohort of supporters. With an audiovisual violation-maneuver, Zeitgeist-criticism and explosive apocalyptic sentiment, they not only unvarnishedly held the mirror to the ugly human ego, but also manicly called attention on diverse defects of the abnormal, megalomaniac species of naked monkeys by extreme hostile contrasts and twisted high gloss assassination from the global media spectrum.

The whole thing just was too loud, may it be the fault of the boys or the soundman – happily they competed with Motörhead. Some of the audience receded backwards more and more and suddenly stood with ear plugs in the hindmost corner, what flattened the impression a lot. Probably the three years of production was the reason for the urgency of the demonstration. This unfortunately overdid it a bit and penetrated with a cracking „ear-gasm“. Stuntman, singer and shouter Guido Maria Kober, dredged with flour and in straddle position, practiced active and persevering martial arts exercises, hysterically screamed into the megaphone or pounced over the planks of the stage. Thereby he convinced with concentrated energy, disciplined presence and squirting pathos. Also the calming influence John Keffer at the guitar, the bellowing Alex Frank (á la Trent Reznor) at the bass, the powerful Julien Schmidt at the drums and the rather introverted Patrick Debus at the sound- and videomachine gave everything at this band-historic evening.
That´s just about the limit!

Maria Mann & Marco Reinbold, photo Filip O. Misiak

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