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Sugarplum Fairy

Stadt / City Bochum 
Land / Country GER 
Bochum Total 
Datum / Date23.06.2007 
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Bochum Total has evolved into the greatest music festival in the Ruhr area, with attendances between 650.000 and 850.000 people. Nevertheless, there are not only big names to be found , it is still a platform for musical border line experiences and experiments. Also this year the bookers had a sure feeling and hired the Swedish Sugarplum Fairy as one of the newcomers on the Indie market.

Neither wind nor rain put anybody off, plenty of visitors flocked to the City of Bochum which seemed to burst at the seams at this weekend. Almost on time the sky started clearing at 19.30 h, and Sugarplum Fairy entered the stage amid anxious applause. After two albums and copious touring in Germany and the neighbouring countries during the last two years, the band has established a proper fanbase. One could have guessed all of them were on the spot right now to celebrate their new favourite band.

The solid “Godfever” from the first record “Young And Armed” turned out to be a good opener, which got band and audience in the right mood, but at the same time didn´t ask too much of anyone. Followed by “Soul Of The Sun”, the tension rose, they dropped the bomb with the crowd favourite “Marigold”. Now everybody´s in and ready to clap along at “It Takes Time, It Takes Two”. The band was cheerful, played with the audience and showed itself enthusiastic over such positive feedback. Even singer Viktor, who recently played the young Mick Jagger in the Obermaier movie “Eight Miles High” and to whom he bears a striking resemblance, had taken off his sunglasses. The last single “Last Chance” buoyed up spirits as the band continues with “Please Let Me Try” to give everybody a short rest. “Morning Miss Lisa” followed and afterwards a mix of “Illusion Of Conclusion” and Oasis´ “Wonderwall”. Even though being Swedish, with that haircut, dress style and such cover song the British influences can no longer be denied. But behold, that self-imposed task was mastered without problems by for such a young age well attuned band. Viktor (respectively Liam) with a tambourine in his hand and bend in the side, and guitarist Carl (respectively Noel) far less extroverted, therefore more regulative as the musical director diagonally behind. Cooperation between these two worked without words, Gallagher-like.

After the Intermezzo Sugarplum Fairy hit it up once more and started the final spurt of the set with “(And Please) Stay Young”. “Sweet Sweet Jackie” even pleased Mummy in the back and at the song “She” band and audience gave it all again. No chance for more than a short encore as the time schedule was tight. So before the Swedes returned home they spread a little Western feeling in the form of “Sail Beyond Doubt”, including a Viktor stripped to the waist. The fans were more than satisfied and happy that it had not been Liam after all.

Nina Remor

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