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Memfis | Before The Dawn

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Web www.memfis.net

Datum / Date25.08.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Memfis,BTD_2007 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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Because several praising words have been written about Before the Dawn in this very magazine and it seems that not a single day passes on which their “Deadsong” isn`t played on the radio, I was persuaded to check them out myself at a concert. That with Memfis there was another, promising sounding band performing that night made the decision a little easier.

Before The Dawn
Last time I saw the band they played at the Finnish Metal Expo in February and I wasn`t particularly impressed. The songs didn`t come across that well and the musicians seemed a bit unmotivated. It was totally different that evening, full of energy and with a lot of fun on stage the four played their gig.

The band also has an additional entertaining element with bassman and STALKER newly-named Lars “The Eliminator” Eikind who with his “bullshit talking” jollied the audience along. And, although the Tavastia wasn`t sold out a pretty big, mixed crowd – Metallers, alternatives and dentist assistant types – had come together. The music itself was then quite alright, but for me, guitarist and muscle man Tuomas Saukkonen`s growls lack a little bit of power and with two guitars on board one certainly could push it a little further musically. Nevertheless the crowd demanded an encore and with “The Black” they also got it.

Thanks to some fans in the audience, you can check out a bit of the Tavastia show here:

Actually the main band of the evening but a big part of the crowd was probably not quite aware of that and thus the venue was astonishingly empty after Before The Dawn had played. The people, who decided to stick around, seemed interested but not too exuberant in their reactions. Not quite understandable because the Swedes played a great, technically high-class, powerful gig that not only fans of Opeth would have liked. Especially singer and guitarist Mattias Engström, supported by hobbit-sized second guitarist Daniel Grahn, convinced with his growls but showed that he masters clean vocals as well. Impressively, he also managed to coordinate his ultra-long hair, guitar playing and vocals at the same time. Respect! Those who like their metal a little bit more challenging should definitely check out this band from Kristinehamn.

For example by watching those Memfis Clips:

Kathleen Gransalke

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