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Before The Dawn / Profane Omen / The Scourger / Axegressor

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date05.10.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery BTD,PO,Sco,Axe_2007 
Photos: Kathleen Gransalke, Klaudia Weber 
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Four bands in one night at Nosturi – that means a) better being there earlier although you had to wait in a queue at the entrance, b) sometimes the headliner draws the shortest straw, as often the majority of the audience leaves before their show in order to reach bus, train or the nearest Rock bar to have a few beers before curfew. The headliner this time: Before The Dawn who had “just” warmed up in Helsinki before, but outranking the main band back then... Good question: What will happen that evening when they start their set only after midnight?

Looking around it seemed that at least they would not have to play a totally empty hall, the majority of people displayed BTD merchandise and/or hurried to purchase some of the new items at the merch-stand.


My goodness! As soon as the guys started playing, me and everybody was looking for their ear plugs. Not because of the musical quality but the volume. Axegressor´s intention was probably to take down the building just by using sound waves. Therefore it was a bit difficult to enjoy their Old School Thrash Metal (also outfit-wise, like singer Johnny), influenced by Overkill, Exodus or Testament to full extent. And there wasn´t so much audience yet. (KW)

The Scourger

Second band of the evening were the Thrash metallers of The Scourger. The band has already supported bands like Trivium and Napalm Death in Finland which already says something about the guys from Helsinki. With singer Jari Hurskainen, a mix of The Incredible Hulk (only not quite as green) and Rammstein’s Till Lindemann, the band has an imposing frontman who with his stature alone puts the fear of God into the first rows. Fear was also spread by the two-man pit in the middle of the room, especially because you were hoping that you would not come into direct contact with these naked, sweat-drenched, a bit more corpulent bodies. In November the new album of the band is published in Finland and so this gig was a good warm up for the probably upcoming tour. (KG)

Profane Omen

When Profane Omen started playing after some delay, the Nosturi Club was pretty full and the spirits high. Their Thrash Metal with Prog- and Nu-Metal influences, but also with some melodic (acoustic) parts appealed to the audience but was much more stress for the road crew (changing guitars). Singer Jules was a real whirlwind on stage, difficult for photographers to catch, and he impressed with his vocal range, from clean to growls. The now much more impressive mosh pit contained more participants than just two... and really got moving once again during the final song, the WASP cover “Love Child”, completing a convincing gig. (KW)

Before the Dawn
Profane Omen has left the building! And with them a part of the audience as well. But that could not scare the Before The Dawn guys, and they began their set with “Disappear”. Clean vocalist and bassist Lars Eikind, otherwise a professional punster, held his horses this time, because fans (??) preferred it that way, and impressed with his knowledge of Finnish language instead. Yet at the expense of entertainment, because just announcing songs is what every band does! Therefore a plea to the band:

we want the old Lars back! (KG)

Well, I can just support that opinion. Lars should rather eliminate this kind of criticism than his sense of humour...
The majority of the audience stayed patiently until 0:30 when Before the Dawn started their program, with classics like My Darkness, Fade Away, Scar, The Black and Unbreakable – and this is probably (in my opinion) the second best song for headbanging; after In Flames´ “Only For The Weak”. The recent Deadlight CD was present with Morning Sun, Faithless and the radiohit Deadsong, which ended the set in a slightly heavier version. And – surprise surprise – even after the encore “Eternal” the audience wanted more, which seemed to surprise the band, too, because when they came back for a second encore, it seemed a bit improvised. Well, and I should have used my external brain (= make notes): Was it Alone? I just remember clearly that it wasn´t Black Dawn, a Ghost-CD song that should become part of the setlist again... and Wrath, and Human Hatred, and Guardian, and Nowhere... And - OK I stop this now...
Summary: Successful premiere as headliner! (KW)

Kathleen Gransalke (KG), Klaudia Weber (KW)

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