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Elenium / Semtex / Hate Fury

Stadt / City Tikkurila 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date26.10.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Elenium_2007 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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It´s always worth to give gigs a try that happen somewhat outside Helsinki center. For example Tikkurila – and you might know this one from travelling to Ankkarock- or Myötätuuli-festival – to be reached by train in about 20 min. The small but cool venue is a renovated factory near the railway station, right next to the river, which makes it quite appealing also outside the summer season. And for Metalfans an additional argument: beer-prices at happy hour...

Hate Fury
opened the evening, a bit too loudly, and they had obviously not much live experience yet, but they lured the fans out of the bar in front of the stage. Their song material – a mixture of Old School Thrash and Melodic Death – sounded quite promising, though.

(Opening Foto) had a bit more to offer, because their cool Stoner Rock/Doom Metal fitted nicely to their rather static stage show. You could not help thinking of Cathedral, Solitude Aeternus or Kyuss, a great groove and powerful soundwall. Only the vocals in the style of COF Dani felt somehow out of place and not powerful enough. A pity, because this band could offer so much more.


Does singer J live in a room with rubber walls? You could not avoid pondering over this question seeing this stage action... or did he try to compensate for the previous bands? Hyperactive non-stop, Vampire attacks on fellow musicians and close fan-contact, and well, he sang, too... this show would have been nice on a bigger stage, too, and also the sound was OK. And no sign that J, Tuomo Räisänen (bass) and Johannes Salo (keys) presented the new Elenium-Line-Up with drummer Anssi Hallio and the guitarists Ville Leppänen and Lauri Koskenniemi. Totally tight, entertaining, with a lot of groove and a portion of insanity – this is how Progressive Metal can be real fun! I can just recommend to put „See an Elenium Gig“ on your To-Do list.

Up The Long Ladder
Eye for A Lie
Eyes Grow Colder
The Escalator
Nameless - Faceless
Challenger Of Gravity
Under The Mug
Caught In A Wheel

Klaudia Weber

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