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Hanoi Rocks

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date25 Feb 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Hanoi Rocks 
Photos: Andy Wenk 
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After all these wasted years without music, Hanoi Rocks finally came to Hamburg! The timing was absolutely perfect in this case, because Hanoi Rocks are better and stronger than ever before. Anyone who doesn’t believe this, should just go to their next show.

Bloom, Lacun and A.C. (Andy Cristell) are now also members of Hanoi Rocks and that is the reason that Hanoi Rocks were able to give such a brilliant rock show in the crowded Molotow. These three guys are definitely perfect for the job of playing with Andy McCoy and Mike Monroe .

These five professional musicians proved that the size of the stage doesn’t matter when you have the right attitude to play some Rock´n ´Roll.

Since the new Hanoi Rocks album hasn’t been released yet, they played a lot of greatest hits from the old days of Hanoi Rocks at the concert. They nevertheless played a lot of new songs as well, and since the new material is very good, those songs will surely be greatest hits in the future, too.

The audience partied along with the band 100% and I am absolutely certain that this was one of the most memorable, brilliant nights in the history of the Molotow. The audience danced wildly, sang along to old hits like „Tragedy“ and „Don´t you ever leave me“, and turned every song into a party. Surprisingly, most of them already knew the lyrics to the new songs. The atmosphere was unbelieveable and the band proved that evening, that it would be very difficult indeed to find another band that is just a powerful live as Hanoi Rocks is at the moment.

Mikael Kapanen

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