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Subway To Sally

Stadt / City Köln 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date03.11.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery SubwayTS_2007 
Photos: Timo Päßler 
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It is remarkable that STS tours always feature unknown but very talented bands as warm-up act, and this time Coppelius had their chance and, at least in Köln, knew how to use it.

With contrabass, cello, clarinet and drums those six crazy Germans run on stage, 20 h sharp. Their energetic stage show and their more-than-funny comments win the audience over at once. After their 45-min set Coppelius might have won some more fans.

Subway To Sally are a real phenomenon. For many years, even decades, this band is on tour almost all the time and still manage to release one hit album after the other (except for perhaps the rather one-dimensional „Engelskrieger“). Their records sell like hot cakes, just recently they received Gold, and their concerts are always triumphant.

And, to say it right away, Köln is no exception. When STS get on stage at 21 h with the new songs „Cantum Satanae“ and „Hohelied“, they have already convinced the 2000 visitors and deliver a lesson in modern Rock / Metal with German lyrics plus appealing show. The setlist is excellent, too. It´s great that they still have the guts to play more new stuff and don´t play it safe! Hopefully other bands learn from their example!

In Köln Subway To Sally played e. g. Cantum Satanae, Hohelied, Die Trommel, Tanz auf dem Vulkan, Auf Kiel, Meine Seele brennt, Feuerland, Sieben, Das Rätsel 2, Seemannslied, Falscher Heiland, Kleid aus Rosen, Veitstanz, Henkersbraut, Julia und die Räuber, Sag dem Teufel, Wehestunde, Ohne Liebe

Timo Päßler, transl. K. Weber

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