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Mely - CD Präsentation

Stadt / City Berg im Drautal  
Land / Country AUT 
Datum / Date17.11.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Mely_2007 
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The Rockband Mely from Steinfeld, Austria, presented their new CD „... leave and enter empty rooms“, and it was the most intense concert I have seen in the past 10 years. The quintet from Drautal has obviously been working on their music, and on themselves. „We all grew up“, comments front man Andreas Mataln the change.

I hear the pain of work and of life in their songs. I will always remember this November 17 in Drautal. I saw them on stage, their souls in their eyes, I saw struggle and suffering. I smelled the fumes of my car, I saw my girlfriend move out.

Superlatives are not the question, they rather deal with every-day disasters and share them with their audence. Every single song is like a mirror. You cannot go further giving up, and it doesn´t matter how badly the world treats you. Only if you get up again and go on. And Mely stand tall and proud now, if everything works out fine they will see the big world, and we in their home won´t see them for a while. They are so much further now, compared with „...reel through my wave“. And you can see that, as Andi Mataln always tunes his guitar before playing the next song, and then he crushes the audience with „sad anger“ and honesty, and Peter Lengfelder, Martin Mataln, Helmut Waltl and Daniel Huber back him up. Their humorous comments will cheer up the most dogged listener and will confront him with the beauty of Drautal music. Moreover, Mely are real brothers and never let their colleagues down, in all those years.

Their would be 1000 stories more to tell, and I should thank them for it...

Ralf Abraham, transl. K. Weber

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