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Fu Manchu / Truckfighters

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 

Datum / Date20.11.2007 
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Big names cast their shadows before. Fu Manchu, who can celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, belong for me to one of those bands whose name you´ve heard many times especially in connection with other bands like Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age but about the band itself you don´t really know anything. Now the legends of slightly hypnotising stoner rock made a flying visit to Helsinki. Reason enough to make up for lost time…

On their entire European tour Fu Manchu are accompanied by the Swedish Truckfighters. After first inspection of the band members the band name appeared to be a little deceptive because those who expected to see bearded, brawny men in leather outfits were disappointed bitterly. All the guys still looked quite young, were dressed casually but exhibited some facial hair, nevertheless. Musically they put the pedal to the metal and especially for the dynamic duo Ozo (vocals and bass) and Dango (guitar) there was no stopping.

Also the crowd didn´t need any extra order for a proper moshpit that wasn´t allowed to take a breather during the whole set. The Fighters are actually almost all the time touring European stages so if you have the chance then just stop by at one of their gigs.

Fu Manchu
After a short break the time had come for Fu Manchu to take over the world or at least take over the Tavastia. As the only still remaining member of the original line up, Scott Hill met the totally devoted crowd in his obligatory horizontally-striped shirt and with slightly straggly hair and let the riff rule. The audience, which consisted mainly of male followers, was thrilled and showed the guys from Southern California their appreciation with some serious headbanging.

With the a bit more rock-y songs, especially from the latest album “We must obey”, here and there even a not quite “undecent” moshpit broke loose. For the most part, though, the songs animated rather for spacing out to other worlds. This was mainly because of Scott Hill´s vocals, which are possibly not everyone´s cup of tea, and his song writing style, which because of its easy to remember choruses and simplicity can probably be only fully appreciated by Y-chromosome-challenged and THC-pre-exposed people. Altogether a mind-expanding evening amid friends of refined stoner rock.

Kathleen Gransalke

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