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Skid Row / The Lazy Bones

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Datum / Date01.11.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery SkidRow_2007 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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Pure Rock’n Roll from the States, it is something special to see the legendary Skid Row live, therefore I am as excited as a little child. About 500 people have gathered to rock with the Americans; I would have expected more, but the smaller crowd provides a certain “big family” feeling.

This Swiss band announces on their website that in the German speaking area, and also in England and Scandinavia, every Rock´n´Roll connoisseur knows them. Shame on me, I had never heard of them before. What they pull off on stage is Glam Rock pure. Singer Stephen Morgenroth alias „Chief of Psycho“ indeed deserves this name. Because there is not a single moment when he is standing still, and his band colleagues have to be careful not to collide with him. Still he manages to sing, too, an nicely. Their sound kicks ass, just like their show. As grand finale Mr. Psycho destroys the drum kit.


Finally, the Skid Row guys get on stage and kick off with „Makin´ Mess“, it is incredible how they pull it off. Yet, just like on their last tour, they are without „Snake“ Dave Sabo. With Rayn Cook from the band „Hair Of The Dog“ they had found a worthy replacement on guitar. In no time he learned all the songs, and he plays every riff on stage as if he hasn´t done anything else in his life. The whole show is awesome and has this amount of dirt and fun that you expect with this pure Rock. Frontmann Jonny Solinger adds to this feeling, his voice and his charisma are his trademarks. And of course, all the guys wear this typical American Life-Everybody´s Darling smile, but this is what makes them even more likeable. Who could possibly resist a Texas Cowboy. But as always, when it feels the party has just started, you could still listen for hours, then encores are played and everything is over. Let´s Rock forever until next time.

Makin Mess
Piece of Me
Sweet Little Sister
New Generation
18 And Life
Monkey Business
Another Dick in The System
Psycho Therapy
I Remember You
Slave to The Grind
Beat Yourself Blind
Get The Fuck Out
Youth gone Wild

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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