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Metal Inferno: Nocturnal Rites | Thunderstone | Legenda Aurea

Stadt / City Lenzburg 
Land / Country Switzerland 
Datum / Date27. Oct 2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery MetalInferno_2007 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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The metal inferno in Lenzburg, a beautiful town with medieval charm, has rightfully earned its name: touring start for two of the best heavy metal bands from the far North as well as for several local bands. Unfortunately I was an hour too late and thus missed the first two Swiss bands Granit and Trickshot.

another local act and reason for a rather young crowd at the Inferno, because 19-year old singer Claudia Hofer made some men’s hearts beat a little faster. Especially boys occupied the first rows in front of the stage, if that was, however, because of the fact that the singer allowed some deep insights while headbanging, could not be clarified. The band reminded a lot of old times Nightwish, because Claudia’s style corresponds almost exactly to ex-frontlady Tarja Turunen’s; unfortunately she doesn’t quite have her vocal expression yet which is probably because of the fact that she’s a lyrical (light) soprano and thus only commands few octaves. This was also the reason why the songs sounded all very similar and vocally always almost the same. Also the guitar parts reminded of Nightwish. Nevertheless the band is musically on the right track to get big some day.


Thunderstone started their tour with a new line-up. After the departure of singer Pasi Rantanen und keyboarder Kari Tornack the band had a difficult task to master – the search for worthy replacements but they more than succeeded with Tommi “Tomple” Salmela of Tarot (vocals) und Jukka “The Tour Virgin” Karinen. Already two years ago Thunderstone were guests at the Inferno, back then, however, as headliners. Jukka played his very first show outside of Finland and was already ill-fated, because some of his equipment got lost. But with the girls fortune favored him and some girl’s hearts skipped a beat. Also vocal boy Tommi charmed with his nice personality and great voice. They opened their set with the song “10,000 Ways” from their latest offering “Evolution 4.0” but also older songs like “Tool of the Devil” were played. The sound was absolutely perfect and the guitar and bass heroes showed once again what they were capable of. The crowd was ecstatic, and there was not a single moment at which the guys were not celebrated euphorically. Of course there was an encore. That`s metal for heart and soul!

With Swedish power and charm Nocturnal Rites showed that this evening wasn’t over for a long time yet, and there was no mercy for the already strained neck muscles. The setlist consisted mainly of songs from their brand new album “The 8th Sin” and they were as well received as the older stuff. The band played their songs with such dedication that just listening was great fun. From kick-ass riffs and boiling drums to an impressive voice their style a la Judas Priest and Iron Maiden left nothing to be desired. Especially singer Jonny Lindkvist seemed to have a blast, over and over again he stuck out his tongue and grinned at the audience. The fans were just enthusiastic and shook their hair, sang along and clapped their hands one more time. What a show! Of course, the band was also called back to the stage and thanked the crowd with a couple of encores.

After the headliner the Swiss band Inishmore played in front of not so many people, because most of them were already on their way home or stood at the signing table of Thunderstone. The whole evening was top-notch and we’re already looking forward to the next Inferno.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. Kathleen Gransalke

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