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Pleasures, The

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date30.11.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery ThePleasures_2007 
Photos: Nina Lindholm 
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On November 30th, 2007 The Pleasures played for the first time at Logo, a small black something in between apartment buildings from the beginning of the 19th century in Hamburg´s university area.

The Pleasures are a five-piece-band from beautiful Hamburg, Germany, doing a new version of good old Glamrock influenced by Ziggy Stardust and Velvet Goldmine as well as Korn and Rammstein. They are not afraid of using a lot of make-up and combine this with a glittering stage show: lots of confetti, addictive hooks, searing riffs and some face-melting vocals.

This time they were only allowed to perform five songs but even if it was very short it was absolutely worth it - one of the best I have seen so far, even it was that short! A curtain was in front of the stage ere The Pleasures started - with a delay - where a lot of fans waited until it opened. You could hear the first screams in the audience while The Lord tuned his guitar tunings on the other site of the curtain. (This doesn't mean that The Pleasures are a band just for screaming teenage girls.)

When the curtain finally opened, only drummer General Razz Pleasure was there first. During the Intro with a cloud of fog Sensai Scot Alexiell Pleasure (bassguitar) came on stage, followed by Neo Patra Pleasure (second guitar) and Lord Vivian Pleasure (guitars and second vocalist). Leadvocalist Dancette Pleasure was the last one, with little firework in each hand. They started with "Parade, Parade" from their first (meanwhile sold out) EP "Cuming out". The audience was not to stop anymore and while the first row concentrated on singing, hand clapping and not to fall on stage the people in the rows behind started to jump around.

"Some like it rock" came next, from the upcoming double CD "Oh yeah", and the previous single with the same name, the third song was "Please don't let the music die" written by Neo. What followed wasn't only a world premiere of the song "Freedom" but also of the video The Pleasures recorded in the beginning of November. They showed the video on a huge TV screen while performing the song live. It was not too easy to follow the live show and the video simultaneously, but the parts of the video which I saw (with a Lord Vivian pacing around between me and the screen) looked very good, and so far I am waiting for the internet version to savour it again.

The last song was "Skull Hammer", with a tune you cannot help to sing and shout along. It's just a catchy song to get the party started. Then The Pleasures had to leave the stage. The audience wanted more, and it seemed they would get it when The Lord came on stage again - but then the curtain was closed and the audience had to face the truth, that The Pleasures were not allowed to add more.

During the last years The Pleasures toured over Europe from all areas of Germany to Belgium and UK as well as from Norway to Italy. So when you have the chance to see them anywhere near you, take it! You won't regret it!

Nina Lindholm

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