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Sunrise Avenue / Christian Venus

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Z 7 
Datum / Date16.11.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery SunriseA_2007 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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The career of Sunrise Avenue developed like in a fairy tale, and they captured many hearts, no matter if young or rather senior ones. Due to many appearances on TV practically everybody knows those likable Finns. Therefore it was no surprise that many people have gathered in front of Z7, but two things stick out: First, it partly feels like a family happening, for mom, dad and the cute little ones. The second phenomenon, everybody stands in a 2 line queue, very disciplined, no hurrying, pushing or sneaking-in-between although the queue is pretty long. In all those years as a guest here I have never seen anything like this.

This young German and his band opened the concert evening: Powerful Pop music with German lyrics and a pretty young female bass player. Christian is a multi talent, not only singer and songwriter, he also plays guitar and keyboards. The whole show, music and vocals, are pretty good. They have some fans in the audience, that has mainly come for Sunrise and already starts waving Finnish flags, to the rhythm of Christian Venus.

After a short break the Finns come on stage, and female screeches almost make you deaf. When they begin playing, that screeching becomes calmer and turns into sing-along. Singer Samu stands there with his guitar and this puppy-look, bedroom-eyes, pull-your-heart-strings look – or whatever, it works perfectly. He sings like an angel who tries to bring sunshine to the hearts of people. And when you see the people´s happy eyes you might realize music´s magic power. Although those guys don´t look like typical cover boys, rather like guys from the hood, and although their style has nothing spectacular, they are adored and loved like gods, perhaps because of their sympathetic charisma.

It´s clear that front man Samu is the one being adored by most, being „so cute“. But this is a singer´s privilege, and when he sings „Forever Yours“ all hearts are his. During „Fairytale Gone Bad“ Samu just needs to point the microphone to the crowd, it seems that everybody in the hall sings along the whole song. And every of their songs has hit potential with those slightly melancholic choruses, ear candy indeed. But just like a fairy tale also this concert has to find an end.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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