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Before the Dawn / Dark Filth Fraternity / Wankers of the Zoo Crew / The Enemy Pilot

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 

Virgin Oil 
Datum / Date08.02.2008 
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The evening was opened by a band I have never heard before, Enemy Pilot. And after the first few riffs I realized that I had not missed a lot. Somehow nothing seemed to go together: the vocals were rather Hardcore and pretty one-dimensional and did not fit to the music which was quite OK. One song even had to be stopped because of some misunderstanding.

But defending the band I have to explain that the singer had never sung in another band before, and this was the second gig in this new line up. Yet if they want to get further they still have to do a lot of work, especially for the vocals. Rating: 2/10

Wankers Of The Zoo Crew

I did not know this band either but this time, to say it right away, I was positively surprised. The show was opened by a bombastic intro, I think it was Star Trek (the movie). Then singer Tommi Salmelainen entered the stage, and with his moustache and posing he reminded a lot of Freddy Mercury. This was indeed quite irritating first, but slowly it became a much more positive surprise. He had a real good voice covering a real wide musical spectrum, which reminded of the versatility of Faith No More. He screamed, growled, sang melodically, and sometimes it even sounded like Operette.

The music united all kinds of styles, including Metal, Reggae, Folk, Pop in a real nice mixture. And the show was quite crazy, too, which you could enjoy after getting rid of the irritation. Tommi Salmelainen did not mind that the audience kept a certain distance, he simply came to the audience. All things considered, a real good show of a recommendable band. Rating: 8/10

Dark Filth Fraternity

This is the band of singer Panu Willman who had been with Before The Dawn some years ago. Dark Filth Fraternity are the rather calm kind, playing sort of psychedelic Prog-Rock. Therefore the music is rather laid-back, rather melancholic, emotional and no party-thing. And not much is happening on stage; one reason is the fact that the singer also plays guitar and cannot move around much.

Still this band is absolutely recommendable every time, and also this night Panu´s vocals were totally convincing. Yet they could get a little bit more rocking sometimes, as at this late hour you would enjoy to hear something more heavy. Rating: 8/10

Before The Dawn

So Before The Dawn rocked all the more, and miraculously the audience wasn´t just hanging out at the bar, but gathered right in front of the stage and got excited. I really enjoy this combination of heavy and melodic, clean vocals and growls. Clean singer Lars had already impressed me before, and this time I found Tuomas´ growls much more powerful and therefore better.

In this band everything seems to be right altogether, and they have a great live energy that makes it difficult to sit still. Therefore the audience didn´t get tired, heads were banging and arms were raised, and the band had to come back twice for another encore. Indeed a great gig. Rating: 9/10

Morning Sun
The Black
Dead Song

Rating altogether:

Sabine Koch

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